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DIN 16142 StE 355 steel

StE 355 steel plate/sheet, DIN 1614/2 StE 355 steel plate/sheet, StE 355 steel plate/sheet supplier/Chinese supplier, StE 355 steel plate/sheet mechanical property, StE 355 steel plate/sheet price.
DIN 1614/2 StE 355 steel equivalent grade:
StE 355 steel plate/sheet is in DIN 1614/2 standard, the grade number is 1.0545. The equivalent materials of StE 355 steel are UNE36081 AE 355 KT, EN 10025-3 S355NL, UN Fe E 355 KT N, NFA36 201 E355FP, BS1449 50 EE.

TStE355 DIN1614/2 MATERIAL#1.0456 Comparisonofsteelgrades
UNE36081 AE355KT
EN10025-3 S355NL
NFA36201 E355FP
BS1449 50EE

DIN 1614/2 StE 355 steel chemical composition %:
Main chemical composition in StE 355 steel is carton max 0.18, silicon max 0.50, manganese max 0.90-1.65, phosphorus max 0.025, Sulphur max 0.020, chromium max 0.30. More detailed information about StE 355 steel, please refer to the down table:

Chemicalelements C max Si
Mn max P
Cu max Cr max Ni max V max Nb max Al min
%,bymass 0.18 0.50 0.90-1.65 0.025 0.020 0.55 0.30 0.50 0.12 0.05 0.02

DIN 1614/2 StE 355 steel mechanical property:
DIN 171022 TStE 355 steel plate/sheet is ine-grain structural steels, normalised rolled steel plates/sheets specially manufactured for different types of welded constructions, from base material, resistant to heat and tough for low temperatures. And it can be used for pressure boilers, storing tanks both movable and standing, high pressure pipes, bridges, masts, tethers, etc.

thickness YieldStrengthReH[N/mm2] transv.min. TensileStrengthRm[N/mm2]transv. FractureElongation[%]transv.min. NotchImpact Energy1)ChVcompletesamplelongitud.min[J]
t≤16mm t>16mm 355 345     +20KV40J 0KV34J -10KV30J -20KV27J -30KV23J -40KV20J -50KV16J
t<3mm t≥3mm   470-630  
Upto1.5mm 1.51-2.00mm 2.01-2.50mm 2.51-2.99mm ≥3mm     22

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