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Steel for Boilers and Pressure Vessels

P235 GH, P 265 GH, P 295 GH steel plate P 275 N, P 275 NHP, 275 NL 1 steel plate SB 410 ,SB 450, SB 480 steel plate
Pressure vessel and boiler quality steel are commonly used throughout the oil industry (including inshore and offshore), the petrochemical industry and the gas production industry.
Boiler steel plate has good strength, it can be made of boilers and components to withstand a certain long-term high temperature stress; Boiler steel plate has good toughness and low effectiveness of the tendency in the use of bending, curling, deformation processing such as cold, after more prolonged storage and use remains a good toughness; Boiler steel plate also has good weldability and resistance to intergranular corrosion. For the manufacture of boiler drum, beams and wall panels.
Steel for Pressure Vessels contains:Low-temperature low-alloy steel for pressure vessel, normal temperature pressure uses the steel,Quenched and tempered high strength steel plates for pressure vessels.
The delivery condition of Boilers Steel are: Normalize, annealing,tempering,TMCP,PWHT, impact test,Q&T.

Main steel grades of Pressure vessel and boiler quality steel:

EN 10028-2: P235 GH, P 265 GH, P 295 GH, P 296 GH, P 355 GH
EN 10028-3: P 275 N, P 275 NHP, 275 NL 1, P 275 NL 2, P 355 N, P 355 NH, P 355 NL 1, P 355 NL 2
DIN17165 : HI , HII, 17 Mn 4, 19 Mn 8
DIN17102: St E 255, W St E 255, T St E 255, E St E 255, St E 285, W St 285, T St E 285, E St E 285, St E 315, W St 315, T St E 315, E St E 315. St E 355, W St E 355, T St E 355, E St E 355.
JIS G 3115: SPV 235, SPV 315 ,SPV 355
JIS G 3103: SB 410 ,SB 450, SB 480
ASTM: A 285gr.A/B/C, A299, A441, A442gr.55/60, A455, A515gr55/60/65/70, A516gr55/60/65/70, A 537CL1/2/3, A 612, A 622grA/B/C. A737grB/C.

Europe GermanyDIN franch JapanJISG USA
EN10028-2 EN10028-3 EU113 17135 17165 17102 NFA36205 3115 3103 ASTM
P235GH FeE255KGKW,KT ASt35 HI StE255 SPV235 SB410 A285gr.A,B,C
TStE255 A37CP,AP,FP A299
EStE255 A441gr.55,60
P265GH P275N FeE285KG,KW,KT ASt41 HII StE285 A42CP,AP,FP
P275NH WSt285 A442gr.55,60
P275NL1 TStE285 A455
P275NL2 EStE285
P295GH FeE315KG,KW,KT ASt45 17Mn4 StE315 A48CP,AP,FP SPV315 SB450 A515gr.55,60,65,70

A516 gr.55,60,65, A516 gr.70

P355GH P355N FeE355KG,KW,KT ASt52 19Mn8 StE355 A52CP,AP,FP SPV355 SB480 A537class1
P355NH WStE355
P355NL1 TStE355 A612
P355NL2 EStE355 A622gr.A,B,C

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