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Carbon structural steels Classification,last offer

Carbon structural steels Classification,last offer

Bebon International is the largest steel exporters in China, our steel many different types of quality assurance.We have a large number of carbon structural steels cash is what carbon structural steels Classification and last offer.

Lower quality carbon structural steel and ordinary carbon steel, sulfur, phosphorus and other non-metallic inclusions content. Depending on the carbon content and the use of such steel is roughly divided into three categories:

Less than 0.25% C low carbon steel, especially carbon content less than 0.10% of the 08F, 08Al, good deep drawability and weldability is widely used as deep drawing parts such as automotive, canning. , ....., 20G is the main material for the manufacture of ordinary boiler. In addition, the low-carbon steel is also widely used as carburizing steel used in machinery manufacturing industry.

0.25 to 0.60% C carbon steel, multi-quenched state, making parts of the machinery

manufacturing industry. Quenched and the number of 22 to 34HRC can get comprehensive mechanical properties, but also facilitate cutting.

Greater than 0.6% C high carbon steel, used in the manufacture of springs, gears, roll,

depending on the manganese content can be divided into ordinary manganese content (0.25 to 0.8%) and high manganese content (0.7 to 1.0 % and 0.9 to 1.2%) group of two steel. Manganese can improve the hardenability of steel, strengthened ferritic steel yield strength, tensile strength and wear resistance. Usually additional mark Mn high manganese steel grades, such as 15Mn, 20Mn to distinguish it from normal manganese content of carbon steel.

Carbon tool steel carbon content between 0.65 and 1.35%, high hardness and high wear resistance can be obtained after heat treatment, mainly used in the manufacture of a variety of tools, cutting tools, dies and gauges.

These are carbon structural steels Classification and last offer.Bebon International offer carbon structural steels chemical composition, mechanical properties, and the latest offer, please contact us.

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