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G550 AZ150 Galvalume Steel Coil,steel coils for sale

Posted:2015/9/1 23:30:01

The galvalume steel coil is based on the aluminum-zinc alloy structure which is composed of 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicium, and formed by solidification under the high temperature of 600°C. It is actually the alloy coated steel plate with the structure of compact four-element crystal formed via aluminum, ferrum, silicium and zinc. Compared with the hot dipped galvanized steel plate, the product shows more excellent performance in corrosion resistance, heat resistance and heat reflectivity. Therefore, the galvalume steel coil has been largely applied into many fields 

Feature of Galvalume Steel Coils:

1) Galvalume Steel is composed of 55% aluminum, 43.5% zinc and 1.5% Silicon.
2) Galvalume steel is formable, weldable and paintable.
3) Galvalume steel has superior corrosion resistance in the most atmospheric conditions. This is achieved through the combination of the sacrificial protection of the zinc and the barrier protection of the aluminum.
4) Galvalume Steel coating out-perform galvanized coating from 2-6 times than hot dip galvanized steel.

Application of Galvalume Steel Coils:
1. Architecture Roofs and outside walls of civilian and industrial buildings, garage doors, fencings and window blinds
2. Appliances Industry Outer clad sheets for washing machine, refrigerator, television, air conditioner and ventilation system, explosion-proof strip, solar water heater and appliance parts
3. Auto Industry Muffler, heat shields of exhaust pipe and catalytic converter, auto parts & accessories under the frame, signboard in highway
4. Industrial Instruments Electric control cabinet, industrial refrigeration equipment, automatic vending machine

Galvalume steel sheet offers the best qualities of aluminum coated (aluminized) and zinc coated steel sheet (galvanized). It also has good bare edge galvanic protection and forming qualities similar to continuously annealed commercial quality galvanized. Shanghai katalor can supply you the best products and the after-sale service,if you need G550 AZ150 Galvalume Steel Coil or other kinds of  Steel Coils, Be free to Contact us!We have advantages to export around the world, With the NOF technology, we would guarantee the best quality of products with competitive prices.

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