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316 stainless steel Corrosion Resistance,316 stainless steel Weldability

Posted:2015/6/28 22:35:20

316 stainless steel is an austenitic grade second only to 304 in commercial importance.Stainless steel types 1.4401 are also known as grades 316 respectively. 316 stainless steel contains an addition of molybdenum that gives it improved corrosion resistance.

316 stainless steel Corrosion Resistance

Grade 316 has excellent corrosion resistance when exposed to a range of corrosive environments and media. It is usually regarded as "marine grade" stainless steel but is not resistant to warm sea water. Warm chloride environments can cause pitting and crevice corrosion. Grade 316 is also subject to stress corrosion cracking above around 60°C.

316 stainless steel Heat Treatment

316 stainless steel cannot be hardened by heat treatment.

Solution treatment or annealing can be done by rapid cooling after heating to 1010-1120°C.

316 stainless steel Weldability

Fusion welding performance for 316 stainless steel is excellent both with and without fillers. Recommended filler rods and electrodes for 316 and 316L are the same as the base metal, 316 and 316L respectively. Heavy welded sections may require post-weld annealing. Grade 316Ti may be used as an alternative to 316 in heavy section welds.

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