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302 stainless steel Processing,302 stainless steel Physical Properties

Posted:2015/3/16 1:34:46

302 stainless steel is a variations of the 18% chromium / 8% nickel austenitic alloy, which is the most familiar and the most frequently used in the stainless steel family.

302 stainless steel Physical Properties: (annealed)
Density (lb./ in^2) @ RT 0.29
Modulus of Elasticity in Tension (psi x 10^6) 28.0
Specific Heat (BTU/o F/lb.) 32 to 212 oF 0.12
Thermal Conductivity (BTU/hr/ft^2/ft) 212oF 9.4
932oF 12.4
Mean Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (in. x 10^-6 per o F) 32 to 212oF 9.6
32 to 600oF 9.9
32 to 1,000oF 10.2
32 to 1,200oF 10.4
Electrical Resistivity (micro ohms - cm) at 70oF 72.0
Melting Point Range (oF) 2550/2590
Oxidation Resistance - Continuous Service(oF) 1650
Oxidation Resistance - Intermittent Service(oF) 1500

302 stainless steel Processing:
Hardening Type 302 can be hardened only by cold working. Annealing Heat in the range of 1850-2050°F and cool rapidly. Light gauges (under 16 gauge) may be air cooled. Heavier sections require water quenching from annealing temperature. Stress Relieving The recommended temperature range for stress relieving is 400-750°F.

302 stainless steel Forming:
Type 302 can be formed into most shapes. It work hardens rapidly, so it may be necessary to anneal between forming steps.

Alloy 302 is a slightly higher carbon version of 304, It is a tough, ductile grade that demonstrates comparable corrosion resistance, is non-magnetic, and is not hardenable by heat treatment. Alloy 302 is usually used in its annealed condition and has a high ease of fabrication and formability.

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