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Brief introduction of 12Cr2Mo1R(H) steel plate

Posted:2021-07-28 13:43:56

12Cr2Mo1R(H) steel plate

Chemical composition of 12Cr2Mo1R(H) steel plate (melting analysis):
C: 0.08-0.15, Si≤0.15, Mn: 0.30-0.60, Cr: 2.00-2.50, Ni≤0.20, Cu≤0.20, Mo: 0.90-1.10, N≤0.0080, P≤0.010, S≤0.007, As≤ 0.010, Sn≤0.010, Sb≤0.003, H≤0.0002, O≤0.0025

The grain size and non-metallic inclusions of 12Cr2Mo1R(H) steel plate are as follows:
The grain size is not coarser than grade 5; the non-metallic inclusions in the steel plate include sulfides (type A), alumina (type B), silicates (type C) and spherical oxides (type D), single granular spherical type (DS type) shall not be greater than 1.5, and shall meet the requirements of A+C≤2.0, B+D+DS≤2.0, and the total number≤4.0.

Ultrasonic inspection of 12Cr2Mo1R(H) steel plate: The steel plate is inspected by ultrasonic inspection one by one according to the JB4730 standard, and it is qualified for class I.

The process system of 12Cr2Mo1R(H) steel plate simulates post-weld heat treatment:
12Cr2Mo1R(H) steel plate simulated post-weld heat treatment: Max. PWHT: 690±10×26 h
12Cr2Mo1R(H) steel plate simulated post-weld heat treatment: Min. PWHT: 690±10×6 h 

Practical application of 12Cr2Mo1R(H) steel plate:
12Cr2Mo1R(H) is corresponding to the American steel grade: ASTM/SA387Gr22CL2, mainly used in petrochemical hydrogenation equipment, such as hydrogenation reactors.

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