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Stainless steel pipe hot rolling technology

Posted:2017/2/6 2:12:05

Stainless steel pipe hot rolling technology

Shanghai katalor enterprise in the process of hot rolled or cold rolled steel products production are steel or steel plate forming process, which is very important for the structure and properties of steel.


Hot rolled advantages:
can destroy ingot casting organization, make the grains are refined steel, and eliminating defects, make steel group, mechanical performance is improved. This is mainly embodied in improving along the rolling direction, so that the steel to a certain extent, is no longer isotropic body, casting the formation of bubbles, cracks or loose, it can also be welded under high temperature and high pressure.


Hot rolled faults:
1, after rolling, steel internal non-metallic inclusions is pressed into a chip, appear statified phenomenon. Layering thickness direction along the steel tensile performance is much worse, and may in the welding contraction occurs between the layers. Weld shrinkage caused by local strain to strain often several times, load stress is large;
2. The uneven cooling caused by residual stress. Residual stress is in no internal force balance pressure, part of the residual stress of various kinds of hot rolling. General steel section size is larger, there is a lot of residual stress. Although the residual stress is balance, but the performance of the stainless steel tube components under the action of external force or have a certain influence, such as deformation, stability, fatigue resistance is likely to be counterproductive.


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