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Q235 carbon structural steel Deoxidation method Q235 section steel

Posted:2015-11-30 22:14:37

katalor steel

Q235 ordinary carbon structural steel material of a steel. Q represents the yielding limit of this material, the latter 235, is the yield value of this material, in 235MPa or so. And will increase with the thickness of the material to reduce the yield value, as Q235 carbon moderate, better overall performance, strength, plasticity and welding performance is better with the most widely used.

Q235 Chemical composition:
Q235 points A, B, C, D four grades (GB / T 700-2006)
Q235A containing C ≤ 0.22% Mn 0.3% -0.65% Si ≤ 0.35% S ≤ 0.050 P ≤ 0.045
Q235B containing C ≤ 0.20% Mn 0.3% -0.7% Si ≤ 0.35% S ≤ 0.045 P ≤ 0.045
Q235C containing C ≤ 0.17% Mn 0.35% -0.8% Si ≤0.35% S ≤ 0.040 P ≤ 0.040
Q235D containing C ≤ 0.17% Mn 0.35% -0.8% Si ≤ 0.35% S ≤ 0.035 P ≤ 0.035

Q235Mechanical behavior:
Density: 7.85 g / cm & lt; 3 & gt ;.
Elastic modulus (E / Gpa): 200-210
Poisson's ratio (ν): 0.25 to 0.33
Tensile strength (σb / MPa): 375-460
Elongation (δ5 /%):
≥26 (a≤16mm)
≥25 (a> 16-40mm)
≥24 (a> 40-60mm)
≥23 (a> 60-100mm)
≥22 (a> 100-150mm)
≥21 (a> 150mm)
Where a is the thickness or diameter of the steel.

Q235 Deoxidation method:
Can be used F, b, z, respectively, expressed as boiling steel, semi-killed steel, killed steel. A grade and B grade steel each have F, b and Z three deoxidation methods, C grade steel only killed steel, D grade steel only special killed steel. Boiling steel is deoxidized steel is not complete, poor plasticity and toughness. With this material made of welded structure, by the dynamic load when the joints are prone to cracks. Should not work at low temperatures, sometimes hardening phenomenon. In contrast, calm steel quality and uniformity, plasticity and toughness are good.

Q235 Species and uses:
Q235 usually rolled from: wire rod or bar, square steel, flat steel, angle steel, I-beam, channel steel and other steel, medium and thick steel plate. Size can be customized according to customer needs.

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