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AISI 1008 carbon-low alloy steel plate Strength

Posted:2016/11/14 3:30:34

AISI 1008 carbon-low alloy steel plate Strength


1008 steel plate is AISI standard carbon-low alloy steel plate. Which contains as the main alloying elements of carbon, a small amount of Nickel, aluminum, chromium, copper, molybdenum, manganese and silicon elements for the 1008 steel plate provides excellent weldability.


AISI 1008 chemical composition


Content (%)

Iron, Fe

99.31-99.7 %

Manganese, Mn

0.30-0.50 %

Carbon, C

0.10 %

Sulfur, S

0.050 %

Phosphorous, P

0.040 %


AISI 1008 Physical properties

Tensile strength

340 MPa

49300 psi

Yield strength (depending on temper)

285 MPa

41300 psi

Elastic modulus

190-210 Gpa

27557-30458 ksi

Bulk modulus (typical for steel)

200 GPa

29000 ksi

Shear modulus (typical for steel)

80.0 GPa

11600 ksi

Poisson’s ratio



Elongation at break (in 50 mm)




AISI 1008 Strength:
AISI 1008 steel plate The strength of steel is often increased by the addition of small amounts of niobium or vanadium, or titanium. These elements are hardened economically by precipitation hardening. For the purpose of adding other alloying elements can also achieve the purpose of strengthening. For the hot-rolled thin steel plate, strict control of hot rolling and coiling process can achieve the required uniform strength. For cold rolled 1008 steel plates, special annealing and leveling processes are used to achieve higher strength while maintaining good formability.


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